Chiuariu and other stupid Romanian officials, average Romanian are not that stupid

This will be a list of funny declarations from Romanian officials.
This is also a disclaimer for citizens of other countries, average Romanian citizens are not that stupid.

Tudor Chiuariu (minister of justice) said that the European Commission stops Romanian authorities from fighting corruption.

Romanian (from
„Da. Nicaieri in lume nu exista trei institutii diferite pentru investigare. O singura structura este cea mai buna solutie, dar acest lucru nu este posibil inbtrucat Comisia Europena recomanda sa nu aducem amendamente cadrului juridic sau institutional”.

„Yes. In no other country there exist three different institutions of investigation. A unique structure is the best solution, but this is not posibile because the European Commission recommend not to change the actual legal or institutional system.”

As a background, I should note that in the last years in Romania we had some VIP trials for economical deeds, with real accusations and proofs (unlike, lets say, 5 years ago) that the judges feared to solution. Starting with 2004 Monica Macovei was head of the Justice Ministry, and, during her lead, important changes took place, being very apreciated by both the EU and the Romanian citizens. After Romania joined EU in 2007, external pressures on Romania to continue justice improvements weakened, and the Senat requested Monica Macovei’s resignation in february. In april 2007 the government restructured and Tudor Chiuariu took the lead of the Justice Ministry. Since then the justice act is more and more blocked. This culminated with the famous spy videos of Remeş showing him negotiang bribe, and not having a trial because Tudor Chiuariu disbanded the forum that would allow starting a trial on officials.

If you read the comments for the Hotnews story, you can see that 80 percent of those who posted a message laughed at Chiuariu’s inteligence and coherence, and most of the others noted that while a single institution may be faster, until we had three of them, watching each other, we never had important trials and proofs.
I had a good portion of laugh too, and, like many others, I consider that Tudor Chiuariu (The Q Entity) is the most ridiculous Romanian official ever.


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  1. Chiuariu is a very arrogant stupid man. He is full of himself and a mama boy. every third word he’s sayin is „my mom”. What the heck is going on between those two that this grown up man need to mention her so often? Get a woman, man and leave mama alone!

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