Windows Vista – first encounter, now I know where the bad ideas from KDE 4 come

Today I had to give a Linux programming test using putty from Windows Vista. I have never touched such a machine ( a Vista one) until today because I had a guess that it is total crap, and it didn’t dissapoint me, it is total shit (this is my point of view, it would take a lot of effort to convince me I’m wrong).
As a user said, „do people actually use that voluntarily?”
1. I couldn’t get a terminal, I did not find a way to run a cmd/other_console program.
2. The start menu is a tiny box where you have to scroll if the programs do not fit! If the menus have submenus, this becomes a crime. I take this as an insult to human intelect, a good try to make your brain explode, it like I am a burglar and the program must be hidden from me. Put it simple: I have never seen so much intellectual effort put into creating crap.
The same is true for the KDE 4 start menu I have tested 2 weeks ago, only much worse because of implementation bugs. While the crap from Microsoft is refined, the shit from KDE is buggy. Yet, KDE 4 is not released yet, and there will be choice of course.
Note: I am a KDE fan, this is only a critique to their menu.
3. Internet Explorer 7 (this is the first time I see that too :D) has some tooltips that appear over the text you write!! How is hiding what I type going to help me? Insane.
4. There is no advanced usability feature:
-the focus still follows the keyboard, so you have to click in order to scroll (hint: use katmouse, it worked for Windows 2003).
-there is not alt + left mouse button to move a Window, alt + right mouse button to resize or other nice helpers.
Ok, I spent enough time on the Vista, I hope to never see it again.


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