KDE 4, new build, no new impressions

KDE people said they have a new KDE 4 release candidate so I compiled it. Unfortunately there are not enough improvements since the last version.
-compilation needed a lot more tries to work than last time, and with some parts that didn’t even compile
-the start menu is the same, though they had discutions about this, and frankly, anything is better than the current one
-the bugs that used to …bug me (and that I reported) are still there
the dissapearing clipboard bug will follow KDE until…, I don’t know when, but it is here on KDE 3 and made its way to 4. And I cannot give it more than 20 votes, and nobody else seems to care.
-there are new bugs
Unfortunately I have given up working on KDE for the moment, before sending any patch, though I appeared very enthusiastic on the Plasma IRC channel.
The good parts:
-from version to version it seems faster and the programs are getting more stable. Kate already looks great.
-the drawing of the windows, especially when moving them, seems faster than with KDE 3.

All things said, KDE 4 already looks great.
Go Go Go KDE developers!


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