KDE 4, new build, probably the last for this year

Again, a lot of hours of a beautiful Saturday wasted with KDE 4. As a normal user I think I can only get frustrated. Report bugs, if they are not crashes they are here to stay. Go on the KDE IRC channels, learn to use IRC
(then, try to convince Opera to keep logs, switch from Opera to Konversation and see how that program will be difficult to use in such subtle ways that I can’t even describe why it doesn’t work as I would like).

Very nice the krush day irc channel :P. There were at most 30 people, and nobody was able to test the bugs I asked them to.

I will come back to try new KDE technologies only when I will also be ready to write some KDE code. I felt like there is no sense to try to help with KDE unless I am a developer.

And that Plasma thing. Damn the Plasma, it is so incomplete and buggy.


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