Kate on Windows

The KDE developers do a great job, as always, and they are moving the KDE 4 programs to Windows.

I use Kate for all my text editing (I don’t do office, I hope I never will) and I am quite dependent on its shortcuts and facilities. Coming back on Windows at work, I have to choose something to suit my needs. Notepad++ is a surprinsignly good editor and this is what I currently use, only its silly name kept me from trying it. What Notepat++ is still missing is a better autocomplete, some smarter code folding, some code formating options and a few more configuration options. I also tried Jedit and a few others. I don’t count in the commercial editors, which may be even smarter.

So here is Kate on Windows:
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Unfortunately it will take some time until a stable version comes out, the current one doesn’t really work, it only managed to open one file from more than 10. People who want to give a hand in testing KDE, this is your chance.

What is really nice is the way the KDE installer works. Coming from the Unix world, where people put effort into having nice packaging, KDE offers a Cygwin-like installer that gives an interface for choosing which programs to install, where to install and so on, and from how the interface looked, it am almost sure it could also do the updates.

I shall come with back with some details in installing and configuring Cygwin, Launchy, Katmouse and others, in order to make these pesky Windows computers be a bit more tolerable.

For those who will say about XEmacs/Emacs and Vi, I did try XEmacs a few times, but:
1.It is totaly different from conventional editors that I would have to spend quite some time to get used to it
2.Emacsen are somewhat ugly and non standard on the desktop, with the current ones not looking like the rest of the desktop, and the previous ones even having some really nasty menus and scrollbars.


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