Flashblock for Opera

For an Opera FlashBlock go to http://my.opera.com/Lex1/blog/flashblock-for-opera-9
Go to the guy’s page, download, extract the archive and read the text file.

Flashblock was one of the two features I missed from Opera that Mozilla had. Of course this was in google’s results, but it never came to my mind to search for it in the first place.

This is a typical example of extreme lazynes, but this applies to probably 90% of computer users. Although searching for a Firefox plugin, restarting Firefox and testing it might take longer than doing the thing for Opera, the fact that all I had to do is just click-click-click, without thinking at all, made me install the feature for Firefox, but not for Opera.

Probably Opera should have a button „Go to the Opera Tricks Warehouse„, just like Firefox has the Get Add-ons one.


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