Hello?! Display producers, you can continue evolution now! (part II)

This is a continuation of the first article, found at https://alecs1.wordpress.com/2008/01/25/hello-display-producers-you-can-continue-evolution-now/. It is not as full of information as the previous one, but it may get more.

I took again the time to test these DPI settings, on KDE 4 this time, and again the results are mixed, very much like the previous ones. Typical buttons resize nicely to fit the text, but everything else is not so shiny. There are two big loosers in this episode, the Oxygen decoration and the Start menu.
So here they are:
96 PPI with the Oxygen style and window decoration, with non working hardware acceleration therefore so no shadows, therefore hard to understand which window is which. Antialiasing always activated.

200 PPI, everything else the same. The window title no longer fits inside the decoration. Also notice the progress bar showing how much space is left, very sexy at these dimensions, I like it.

400 PPI. The window decoration is a bit ridiculous. The clock is not showing anything now.

Here comes the sweetest part, the „revolutionary” start menu versus the classical one at 400 PPI.
The new one (Kickoff I believe they call this sweetheart) would not fit even if it had two screens, so I didn’t know how to use it to logout:

The old one did its job better and filled the screen and showing me more buttons:

A very nice thing about KDE now is the icons, which may have any dimensions you want. So unfortunately Vista is still a bit ahead, let’s catch up.
Oh, and here is how to change de PPI / DPI without restarting the xserver:

xrandr –dpi value

That’s all about other people’s work, next time about my own.


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