Today I tryed a new game named Transcend (found it when I was browsing the Debian packages with Synaptic).

Transcend is very coloured, as can bee been in the snapshot, and the images remind me of a kaleidoscope. Even more, these kaleidoscopic shapes metamorphose in very spectacular ways. Also it has a very interesting music.

The game is quite simple: grab object pressing ‘d’ and take them to the center of the plane(where that line ombilical points to) and then press ‘d’. After having an object in the center you can start shooting (with the space key) the colourfull enemies. The enemies will try to take your objects away, the more object you have the more powerfull your missiles (bullets or whatever you name them, they are abstract shapes anyway). After you have shot enough missiles in the biggest enemy, it will dissapear and you can go to the next level.

Unfortunately the game does not have enough diversity to make you play it too much, and after 3 levels I got to the first level again (or one that looked like it).

You can find the games page at I will sure take a look on the sources.


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