Sunday’s frustrations, debugging Amarok

Just before the Amarok developers moved to the next version of Amarok, they just made the current one almost tolerable. Only one important bug still …bugging… me: with many songs in the playlist, immediately after playing a song Amarok would start using the hard disk like crazy for at least 20 seconds (thess seconds easily become minutes if some other process wants to access the hdd 🙂 ).

Report the bug, a developer tells me that they no longer maintain it.
Hooray, this is my job, let’s repare The Amarok. So here I am, 5 hours after starting this, staring at a GDB console… Of course I did absolutely nothing. Spend a lot of time trying to work with the Kdevelop project that comes with the sources, uselles, absolutely. Screwed my Amarok configuration (at least I have backed up the postresql database). Also found a „HACKING” file inside the sources, it says nothing but uselles shit, something regarding the coding styles. Why the fuck you care about coding style when it is so hard for an Amarok outsider to get something working?!. You won’t have contributors anyway :D.

Oh well, if there will be a next time, I will ask for some help to avoid such a waste of time.

I once read an article about software that is forever at version 0.8 because programmers rewrite it again and again, but I am not able to find at the moment. It had a very nice name, something like „software in eternal puberty, looking for care”…, whatever, I will come back if I remember.


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