Liberation Sans – what a nice surprise

I have long been a fan of non antialiased Tahoma fonts for the desktop, but the times have changed. Currently I am workingon a laptop, which has a slightly larger DPI than the average LCD screen. On this laptop screen I like Liberation Sans better than good old Tahoma. This is a really nice surprise.

Another change that came with working with another computer is that now I can use the Plastik theme for KDE 3 instead of Keramik, as on this more powerfull computer the Plastik performance hit is not noticeable. I like Keramik a lot, as it looks so much alive, but it has many squary edges.

Will come back with screenshots, stories about doctors that don’t look at me if I don’t seem to be really ill, the Pesenka lyrics that ang posted on my blog and how to these Russian lyrics. I also prepared a list of things I don’t like about Timișoara (people who know me are probably already bored of this subject) but that would seem unapropriate now that I am leaving the country for a long time.


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