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If you want to search on Google for an exact word, without leting the search engine to replace it with another more popular word, all you need to do is to place a + (plus) in front of the word. For example searching for a Romanian and an English word in the same page: +temă +book.
I thank sirrocco for sharing this. This was update no. 3 and the last one.

Today I am trying to search for some obscure terms that goole insists on aproximating with much more popular words. As I don’t know exactly what I am looking for, I can’t make a refined search or create an exact phrase. I don’t know how to instruct the search engine to look for my exact words and not aproximate them.

I tryed with Yahoo search and with the more anonymous Exalead ( Yahoo altough is not „rounding” my words, is still not giving me a good order. Exalead on the other hand seems to have an interesting order but it looks like it is not indexing too many pages, and I am afraid my page is too obscure to be found (it exists/existed for sure).

Since someone requested a more serious explanation
Aproximating means that if there are two paronyms (or words that are similar, but from different languages), the least used one may be eclipsed by the most used one as in the artificial examples (I don’t want to share on my blog what I was looking for):
Search terms: movie akelas
Google will show many results with akela’s, movie. Thus it transformed „akelas” in akela’s and akela. That is usually exactly what I want, but not this time (movie-akelas-google-search).
Yahoo will show more results exactly with akelas on the first page, thus being somewhat closer to what I want (movie-akelas-yahoo-search).
Exalead will be even closer (movie-akelas-exalead-search).
From the difficulty of gathering this example, I can tell you that Google does an incredibly good job with most searches.

The situation is not even that bad in this artificial example. What I was actually looking for was non-english words in an english context, the non english words will be aproximated to english ones. Say for example I am looking for the word temă, in an english context, thus, have the search for: temă book going into : tema book.

Please excuse the file name, they where automatically given by wordpress, I won’t reupload them to fix this. I already made enough extra effort to describe a problem which I eventually solved (with Yahoo this time).

So no, this is not a message that tells people how bad Google is :D.

If you have any recommendations please tell me (be it that you know how to instruct Google to search for the exact words, or you know a search engine that works better in this case).

Early update:
Looking with Google for google alternatives (how ironic is this?) I got to Screwgle ( I thought is was a Google joke, but is actually links to, and the results of the search are not better at all. It does the exact same aproximation of the words. „The Algorithm is not working.”


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  1. I don’t get it – you were looking for „The Algorithm is not working” ? and expecting what ? and what do you mean by approximation ?

  2. Ok, I updated the page with the explanation of approximation, even though I solved the problem.

    „The Algorithm is not working” is a joke on’s viral marketing campain, look for it on Google.

  3. Well if you wanted the words tema and book in the same document you could of searched :

    But if you wanted tema book together, you could of tried :

    That should solve most problems right ? 🙂

  4. Thank you, you are right about that. The + solves the problem.
    I have never seen it until now, and to my shame, it is mentioned in the Google search help.

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