Full text search – bachelor’s thesis

Long after the bachelor’s exam I am uploading my bachelor’s thesis project, as I promised some time ago.
It is a desktop text search engine, written entirely in C++ and the Qt libraries, with all the code related to scanning, storing and searching the information written from scratch and only using the basic C++ and Qt data structures.

You may download the torrent (http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4538524) and can also find it here, on a thing called sendspace (first upload service that Google revealed, I don’t know if it is working).
I will upload also the paper when I’ll find it, altough that is not a big thing either.

The archive contains:
-Windows executable + Qt libraries
-Linux executable (debug build).
-All the source code.

The scanning speed is CPU bound, and it is incovenient to fix. It toped at around 1MB/s on the old system and 1.5MB/s on the new one. The space overhead tends to around 13% of the scanned contents. The search is fast and can use simple AND, OR and exact phrase combinations. I even used it for a few weeks until going back to Recoll.
The source code is GPL v2+, as Qt requires. There is no license notice on each source file but nobody will die from that. Try the tree viewer as I consider it very nice for the small quantity of time I put into it.

The blatant limitations and defects:
-the scanning speed;
-the inconsistent and unfinished threading + crashes.
-the bad and unfinished user interface;
-the overall usefulness is by far not that of a real program anyway.

It comes so late as I did not have a Windows machine or a cross compiler until now, and I finally installed a Windows copy in VirtualBox. That’s enough for such a small project.
Remember to add a screenshot tomorrow :).


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