Hardware bug report: the relationship between laptop led blinking and power adaptor noise

My laptop has a most unexpected bug:

When I put the laptop into RAM suspend two power leds start blinking. Then, the power adapter will make two types of noises: one higher frequency noise for when the power LEDs are on and one lower frequency sound for when the leds are off. Thus, the noise from the power adapter changes every two seconds, and there’s no chance to get used to it, a very annoying little bug.

No I go to Asus site and find out where to submit this, such that if I ever buy again a mainstream laptop hopefully it won’t have this thing. My solution would be to just blink the leds alternatively and make them have the same power consumption, but I have not idea if it would be a perfect solution (of course, the obvious guess for this bug is the varying power consumption, I will move to the woods if there is another reason for this). The other solution is probably a laptop from the over 1000€ range.

I really love the title of this message, it makes it sound like a PhD thesis or some article describing something revolutionary :).

One last note, the spellcheck found very few errors, but one suggestion was to replace „Asus” with „anus”.


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