Shaking them by the collar

I searched Youtube comments specifically for the lyrics of this version of the song (after failing to find anything with Google.

Those commenters are as puzzled as I am*:

Chicken don’t bite the cover
Shacking them by the collar
She can’t live by the colour
Taken down by the colour
Shagging them by the colour
(Don’t be) Chickened out by the colour
(Don’t be) Shikking them by the colour

My guess is that Alexia (I presume it’s her voice) sais something that in Romanian would be written like „cichine bai dă cală” :P. After those guys made so many suppositions, I’m left with very few alternatives of my own:

(Don’t be) Checking them by the colour
(Tell me) Chicken met by the colour

More guesses to come. It is a lovable song anyway.

*the phrases belong the whomever wrote them at that youtube link.


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