Morning in Hagenberg, spring

One day and a month after the unforgetable spring morning, here comes the story:

This is the only picture I have from my birthday party (1). That’s Eszter being punished to stay in the corner, for reasons I don’t remember. I hope she won’t protest to this picture being here.
The party ended at 6, at 6:30 I was still not able to fall asleep. Some past-time activity was needed.
14° 30′ 44″E, 48° 22′ 08″N (2)

This is Cheburashka (middle). The friends from ISI gave it to me as a birthday present. It’s a nicely built city bycicle with 3*7 gears a mirror and other goodies. A step in the right direction (Kawasaki Ninja 500).
14° 30′ 43″E, 48° 22′ 06″N

The yellow Arbeiten&Wohnen building. It hosts ISI offices, photo shooting sessions, some inhabitants.
14° 30′ 44″E, 48° 22′ 09″N

Cafe Monika, with a Ford Mondeo on the left and a Fiat Punto on the right. The car-like thing behind the Punto may be an Opel Corsa. 14° 14° 31′ 05″E, 48° 22′ 01″N

Others, unlike us, were not worthy of their alcohol, so they left it on the street near Unimark.
14° 31′ 13″E, 48° 21′ 57″N

The way down to pregarten, full of green.
14° 31′ 16″E, 48° 21′ 55″N

100 meters down from the previous picture, and 2 years since the last time I didn’t manage to land on my feet.
Don’t know why, but at some point I left the sidewalk, not very wise after drinking alcohol. I planned to jump back on the sidewalk, but I met the edge of the sidewalk before actually lifting the front wheel. This gave a long, slow fall, with strugles to avoid
Produced only road rashes: the right wrist (really deep, looked like touching the joint), right shoulder (superficial but many square centimeters, lucky the pulover took a big part of it), right knee (lucky blue jeans). Long hair protected my head from even slightest abrasion.
14° 31′ 17″E, 48° 21′ 55″N

Lilac starting to flower. One of my favourite flowers, encouraged me to continue :).
14° 31′ 19″E, 48° 21′ 54″N

Intersection with a small road. I did a big jump over the sidewalk edge (no jump was actually necessary). Upon landing I fell like a rock, probably my worst fall ever, almost perfectly vertical.
Touched head hard enough to be worried, handlebar between my ribs. The left elbow took most of the impact, and thinking back, I’m surprised it didn’t require any medical care.
14° 31′ 29″E, 48° 21′ 45″N

Right after the fall. Only mental pictures.
I should probably stop for a few seconds.
Maybe I should go home.
Maybe I should even see a doctor, at least for the head. Probably the alcohol prevent me from feeling the real intensity of pain.
Yes, a head radiography would be good.
Let’s go home, change clothes and go to hospital.

Sea-buckthorn (cătină) like shrubs, but with yellow nice flowers. I don’t know what they are, I’ll look again.
No coordinates, near the fall anyway.

Lilac in blossom, near the first fall.
14° 31′ 17″E, 48° 21′ 55″N

Green green grass of Hagenberg.

Right – the firefigthers station. Some crappy german car 😛 (Audi) under that lovely flowered cherry.
14° 31′ 09″E, 48° 22′ 01″N

Flowering lilac, horse-chestnuts in flower and the church. The Hagenberg castle at the right, but not visible.
14° 30′ 59″E, 48° 22′ 00″N

Another horse-chestnut tree.

Muellerheim at right, FH at left (3), another crappy German car a bit further away, unnamed forest in the background (say, „Hagenberg forest” or „Softwarepark forest”).

Cheburashka resting. I don’t really explain myself why I even took care to lock the bike.

No pictures zone.
At home, I changed clothes, took the medical insurrance paper and some money for the bus.
Maybe I won’t be able to get to hospital alone. Maybe it would be easier to get a radiography if I came with the ambulance.
Yeah, let’s just call the ambulance, this way I’ll make it for sure.
Phone 1 to 112, I talk some simple German, but when the conversation became hard enough I asked for English but the guy closed.
Phone 2, this guy believes me, I tell him I’ll be at the bus station in 5 minutes.

In 10 minutes a police car aproaches and I think maybe they are connected to me. I had to pretend I scratch my elbow such that they see the wound, now they believe me. Some phone call and we go.
Both speak good English.

The folowing part has very few pictures, given the situation it was appropriate and respectful to stop.

In the police car, a black with orange minivan, I believe a Volkswagen Touran. They asked for my phone number, so I took the chance to also take a picture.
They took me to some first help station in Pregarten.

In the ambulance, Volkswagen Transporter (T5 I believe). Nicely equiped.
Again, both ambulance workers spoke very good English.

No pictures again.
At the Akademische Lehrkrankenhaus, I do radiographies for the 3 possibly injured areas, a tetanos vaccine, some antiseptic spray. Nothing broken, no blood clot. Everyone is very nice. When asked if I need an ambulance to home, I decided not to profit too much of them.
Again, all assistants speak at least usable English, wow!!!.

AKH Linz, the hospital, after finishing all the anaylises. Light brown, covered with glass, shiny, with nice personel and some bureacracy at the front gate when receiving patients.
14° 18′ 22″E, 48° 18′ 13″N

Linz Hauptbanhof, the Linz train station, waiting for bus 310 to go home. The station is new and shiny, with excelent accesibility for disabled people, the most modern train station I been in. I was waiting for the bus home.
That’s the biggest pigeon I have ever seen (this is before going to London).
14° 17′ 30″E, 48° 17′ 31″N


Wenzelskirche in Wartberg ob der Aist, the church that I always see from bus 310, on the other side of the B124 road. This is was my target in that beatiful April morning, and to date I still haven’t been there. Maybe on Saturday. I’ll publish pictures.
This church always made me curious with it’s simple, out of time look. For sure there’s some mistery in there.
The other church, Pfarrkirche, is easily visible from many places in Hagenberg.
14° 30′ 25″E, 48° 21′ 08″N

(1)But I have to admit the marketing devil attracted me to put a nice picture with a girl at the beginning of the article.
(2)Coordinates copied from Marble using OpenStreetMap, I don’t really care about perfect accuracy.
(3)Muellerheim is the dormitory in Softwarepark where we live. FH is Fachhochschule Hagenberg, an Austrian type of university of applied sciences, some kind of Romanian Politehnica.


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  1. This is the most interesting story that ever happened in Hagenberg. Apart from this guy Buchberger that brought live to this village.

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