Recursively list directories in Haskell

import Directory

myVisit :: String -> IO [String]
myVisit path = do
    isFile <- doesFileExist path
    isDirectory <- doesDirectoryExist path
    print path
    if (path == ".") || (path == "..")
        then return []
        else if isFile
          then return [path]
          else if isDirectory
            then do
                unfilteredContents  x /= "." && x /= "..") unfilteredContents
                visitedDirectories <- mapM myVisit (map ((path ++ "/") ++) contentList)
                return (concat visitedDirectories)
            else return []

This code is the result of spending some good hours in the middle of the night, with lots of input from the very patient guys on the #haskell channel from Very interesting are the bugs of the code and what happens in functions using this code. This Haskell really puts me to work. But that next time.


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