The Elop effect

Nice article: Out of whose ass did they pull this Elop guy?
Oh, well, other opinions too:
‘Stupid’ has a new name now (and a face).

Anyway, the main ideas from the article:
1.Stephen Elop is causing an Osborne Effect by saying, in a document that went public, that Nokia current products are obsolete, even though the replacement is years away. Even worse, Nokia will continue to release more generations of the obsolete products.
2. Stephen Elop is causing a Ratner effect by trashing the products his company made. Even worse, Nokia products were not nearly as bad as Elop said, so the deffects are actually lies. Proved later by: a) the good public reception of Nokia N9, a product which was well inside the development cycle; b) by the fact that Apple accepted to license important bits of smartphone technology from Nokia.
3. Stephen Elop is actively working on making the best Nokia smartphone (N9) fail. Nokia N9 is currently in production, but not sold it to important markets. He does to this to cause a failure to the MeeGo platform, and make place for Windows Phone. This brings the last point that:
4. Stephen Elop is a Trojan horse from Microsoft. If the Nokia market value falls enough, it may even be conveniently bought by Microsoft.


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