Snow biking, winter has never been as fun

Riding the bicycle on snow is satisfying even more than I expected. I usually hate winter, but this year I love it because of this newly discovered activity. Take your bicycle on roads which have not been cleared of snow, and start riding; it’s even more fun if you have channels in snow made by automobiles. Having a layer of ice under the snow also contributes to fun, and so does having summer tyres.
There are ony two drawbacks, one is that it’s hard to balance clothing thus I end up sweating a lot (which means I have to iron another shirt each day :P). The other drawback you can see from the pictures.

Alice snowy and muddy
Alice snowy and muddy
Alice snowy and muddy
Alice snowy and muddy

Of course, a lighter and less tall bike would make things easier, so I’ll probably buy Alice a mountain bike sister.


Un gând despre &8222;Snow biking, winter has never been as fun&8221;

  1. Şi nu în ultimul rând, cea mai distractivă treabă e că după ce se termină cu zăpada trebuie să schimbi cel puţin lanţul dacă nu cumva tot grupul…
    Varianta ieftină pentru a câştiga stabilitate pe zăpadă e să pui „şoricei” din 10 în 10 cm pe roţi.

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