Qalculate! KDE4/Qt4 version

Qalculate! for KDE4
Qalculate! for KDE4
After a long wait I’m happy to announce that I prepared an alpha version of the Qalculate! KDE interface that uses the Qt4/KDE4 libraries. For the moment, Qalculate-KDE is called KQalculate and the executable name is „kqalculate”, for the lack of a better name, and Debian packages for i386 and x86-64 (AMD64) are available:
Please report any installation issues, and I’m also looking for name proposals, as Qalculate-KDE4 doesn’t sound that good. To compile you’ll need pkg-kde-tools besides the dependencies already state in the package. While I’ll try to find more time to get everything into shape („stable” version), please follow the project page on SourceForge.


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