Presenting FreeGo, the Go game for Android

cursorBlackWhiteHello World, I’m proudly announcing the release of FreeGo on Google Play, my first Android program:

It’s a Go game built with GnuGo and Qt; currently supports off-line playing with humans and AI (any combination), saving and restoring games, user interface settings.

License is GPLv3 and the source code available at The project is compilable with minimal setup (have Qt installed) on both Windows and Linux. For an Android apk, the compilation has only been done on Linux, and requires additional setup.

The play store version is free as in beer, and if I get over 100 installs I promise to implement playing over bluetooth  (I’ll probably do it anyway). Bugs and suggestions are well received. Also good feedback on the Google market are welcome.

Screenshot of FreeGo on a HTC One X.

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