Baseless climate change article in Epoch Times

Respectable newspaper, supposedly respectable author(2), crap article.

The author takes on the concept of „global warming hiatus” (1) (global warming speed is lower since 1998) and then just bashes everyone who believes global warming is real: environment activists, US president, some US senators. To give the article „substance” and length, he also twists US representative Barbara Lee’s words just to make fun of her for linking global warming to prostitution.

Any good faith person could go check the graphs(3) and see that:
-such „hiatuses” have happened before
-the temperature continued to increase.

NASA surface temperature data.
NASA surface temperature data.

Sometimes you just can’t believe the kind of crap you just wasted your money on. I’m not very convinced of the speed of global warming myself, but such disingenuousness is appalling.



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