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  1. Nokia to acquire Trolltech
    published on 2008/01/28 on https://alecs1.wordpress.com/2008/01/28/nokia-to-acquire-trolltech/

    This is what I got in my inbox from the KDE lists, mail sent by Eirik Chambe-Eng, one of the Trolltech founders. Here is the link: http://trolltech.com/28012008/28012008

    This is the most surprising announcement I have ever heard, and I am sure it surprises a lot of other people and the news will have coverage on the LWN, open source sites, forums, blogs 🙂 etc. The announcement is more surprising if we think to the fact that Nokia has already developed an open-source platform for mobiles called Maemo.

    It seems I can’t get rid of Nokia by any means. One year ago I had to work on a phone program for the shit S60 platfom (I think S60 sucks more than anything on Earth). Two months ago I had to write a program for Maemo, so I learned a bit of GTK+. Now Nokia buys Trolltech, Qt being my favourite toolkit.

    This is not necessary a bad thing, as Trolltech is dedicated to open source, and if they would change their orientation Trolltech would loose most developers and the community support. Also, Trolltech has a contract that, in the case its open source orientation change, the last GPL version of Qt will be automatically licensed BSD.

    It still bothers me a bit to know that Nokia are the bosses, and I don’t have the money to buy some Trolltech shares.

    Short descriptions:
    Trolltech is a Norway based company, its main product is Qt.
    Qt is an advanced software develoment platform, used by KDE for example. It released with two licenses, one GPL and the other suitable for closed source development.

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